Ask for Evaluation

From the window <Create/Edit>, as also from <Analyze> it is possible to inquire the PlayOptions’ servers for an evaluation.

The key < Ask for Evaluation> allows you to always have a direct contact with the expert systems of the Playoptions’ softwares. In fact, for any strategy and amendment that you realizes, you can ask the evaluation: in around 15 seconds your strategy will be sent, checked and calculated by the Playoptions’ servers and a PDF will return to you with the assigned score and a series of explanations that will allow you to understand the best road to bring the necessary changes to improve yourself. The score is from 0 to 100 explained by a judgment. In the evaluation the decisive parameters for a strategy in options are taken in consideration:

Note. Strategies are considered as “static” therefore the evaluation cannot keep in consideration possible rolling techniques or hedging that the consumer has in mind to do.

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