Research Activity

The spirit of the function “Active Search” to propose us, in few second, an huge number of alternatives each one in conformity with some to our base criterions.


A following selection will bring us to singly appraise it in order to find that particular combination that exactly answers to what we were looking for.
Activating this function, we can choose the underlying on which to activate the search, to decide our forecast - if Bearish, if Bullish, if Trading Range - and, clicking on the strategy, to decide which one to adopt.


The symbols in this list depend on what we have underlined in the underlying selection tree, in the control panel on the right. If on the tree a single symbol is selected, the list of the symbols on which to perform the search will exclusively contain that symbol. If instead on the tree it is selected a path that containing inside a list of symbols, the whole list will be used for activating the search.




Once inserted the symbols list we can decide which one to activate and then with a click on “Update Selected” we shall perform our usual updating operation. In alternative we can update all underlying represented by the symbols with “Update All.”

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