Calculate Margins

This is an extremely important function that allows us to have a general indication of what margins will be blocked to place on the market the strategy that we have built. For an exact evaluation, it is in essential to verify with our broker the exact values of the applied margins.

The keys

  • “Send Strategy”
  • “Receive Strategy”
  • “Ask for Evaluation”

allow to share with other colleagues its own job or to ask for an evaluation from PlayOptions servers.
Particularly with the key ” Send Strategy ” the file of its own strategy can be sent, in an area of sharing with other users with all the information relating the strategy, including the prices and the dates to which the operations have been performed. This function allows so to share with others its own job and to receive or to send amendments of the initial strategy.
Always from this sharing area, it is possible to receive insofar some strategies made by other available consumers or, in cases of particular initiatives, directly from the Playoptions’ Staff.
Note: With the version Fiuto Beta it is possible to access only the first area, to get the access in the other sections, inclusing the one denominated “Supertrader” it is necessary to use the Suite in the version RealTime.

The key “Ask for Evaluation” allows you to always have a direct contact with the expert systems of the Playoptions’softwares. For every strategy and change made, you can ask the evaluation. In around 15 seconds your strategy will be checked and calculated by the servers that will give you a score and a serious of explanations that will allow you to understand the best road to do the necessary changes.
Note: The strategies are considered “static” therefore the evaluation cannot take in consideration possible rolling or mirroring techniques that the used has scheduled.

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