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How to read the Manual

The Iceberg Options Solution manual is organized, for ease of reference, such as the llatform menu. In the left sidebar, the list of functions in the same order and grouped in the same way can be found in beeTrader®. Inside each page is the index, located at the top right. For a quick search, you can type a search term in the box located at the top of each page on the right.

Iceberg - Options Solutions

Iceberg is a new options software within beeTrader Trading Platform. Like an Iceberg it has many in depth features and for this reason it is usable by both newbie and professionist.


  • Automated trading in options;
  • Test of the strategy in the future;
  • Three-dimensional volatility surface;
  • Comparison table with four strategy
  • Portfolio with margins and correlation;
  • Profit & loss calculated for every greek;
  • Forecast tool in real-time;
  • Payoff with greeks and standard deviations;
  • Real Market and Paper trading;
  • Market Maker engine;
  • Book for Optionist with tick by tick graph;
  • Implied Volatility index for every asset;
  • ..and other 1000 function.
For the proper functioning of Market Strategy is necessary that the financial instrument is encoded in Symbol Manager Chain Option. The financial instruments with options are highlighted in blue. For the encoding procedure of the financial instruments in beeTrader® please refer to the manual Symbol Manager with the specific instruction for every broker

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